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Identify and classify

All you need to identify a fossil correctly and classify it in your collection. Use the taxonomic tree and geological tables to complete fossil information! And if you change your mobile or lose it, you will never lose your collection!


The first social network exclusively for fans and professionals of paleontology.Publishes, identifies, requests help identifying, shares a fossil with the social network and consults news related to the world of paleontology.


Accessing the Market will allow you to exchange, buy or sell your fossils! Expand your collection and meet people who share your same hobby from anywhere in the world!.


Share with the community only what you want. Sites or locations of users and fossils will never be shared.

Geolocation map

Geolocalize the fossils that you identify and visualize them in a global interactive map. You will display all your fossils on the map in the position where you have located them, either manually or automatically.

Help for identify!

Ask the social network for help identifying a fossil. a la red social para identificar un fósil. Rate the most expert users and add your identified fossil to your collection !!

Offline mode

You do not have coverage and you want to add fossils to your collection? No problem!!. FossilMe works in Offline mode and will synchronize your data when you have mobile or wifi coverage. You will always have the last copy of your data on your device.

My followers

Follow people and have them follow you to see and enjoy the fossils of their collections.

And more

Classify your fossils using a taxonomic tree : Kingdom, Phylum, Order, Family, Gender..., and with our geological database, identifies the period, the geological age... and many more! Discover them!

Know something else
about the best app: FossilMe

The Market is the meeting point where to exchange, buy or sell fossils

Fans, collectors, paleontologists and professionals, will have a space open to the world where they contact each other for the exchange, purchase or sale of fossils.

Users of the Market will be subject to the legal regulations of each country for the exchange, sale or purchase of fossils.

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The social network will keep you informed of everything related to paleontology: events, news, publications, photos ...

In the social network you will see information that users share with us regarding new pieces in their collections, events, publications, news related to palentology or any information that users want to share with you!

The user at all times decides what he wants to share with the social network and what not.Site and location privacy is guaranteed.

Why become Premium?

FossilMe has a free version with which to manage, classify and share your collection, and a Premium version with advanced features. Enjoy more space, more fossils, more privacy, offline mode and a market without limits!

Create your own collection to carry it in the palm of your hand!

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enjoy FossilMe
and become premium!


Manage your own collection (50 fossils)

View your friend's collections

Add a photo to each of your fossils

Include the geology and taxonomy of your fossils

Add your private sites

Geo positioning fossils and sites

View your fossils on a private map

Ask for help identifying fossils

Market for fossil exchange and sale

Cloud and multi-device data synchronization

Total privacy in terms of locations and sites

1,99 / month

Add unlimited fossils

Add up to 6 photos for each fossil or site

Private Fossil: add fossils to your collection that will not be visible to anyone

Offline mode: manage your collection, add new fossils, sites, photos and geolocate all this content without an internet connection

AOur users say
become one of them!

Made by technology passionates
for lovers of paleontology

Security and privacy is important for us!

We care about the privacy of our users and their fossils

Since the beginning of FossilMe creation, our main concern was that our users were comfortable using the application and had the peace of mind that the vital information of a fossil and a site (geolocation and location physical) is owned solely by the user and has the power to share it or not with the rest of the user community.

  • The user decides what is private and what is not.
  • A user will never see any other user's location data when browsing their collections.
  • A user must give permission to another to see his collection, and will never see the location data of sites and fossils.

FossilMe, YOU WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO USER LOCATION DATA. You will only access the user's personal data (name and email) to send information about updates, promotions or events.

Security is guaranteed in the cloud.

If one of our users loses the mobile phone, changes it or spoils it, you should not worry about the information that is hosted in FossilMe (Collection, Market, Exchanges ..). The user has a copy of all his information in the cloud and only has to download the application again, log in and wait for the synchronization process to finish having his collection available again.

  • A synchronization is automatically performed with the new download and login.
  • The synchronization process can last more or less depending on the version of the mobile and connectivity.
  • Never reveal your passwords by chat or social network.

Microsoft Azure guarantees access to your information 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!

FossilMe is not responsible for the content that users upload to the app.

FossilMe is a mobile app that serves as a platform for users to introduce their information to fossils, and gives them a space to make their exchanges, purchases or sales. In no case does FossilMe profit from the transactions and not is responsible for the content uploaded to the platform. Users must apply the current legal regulations that apply to fossils in each country.

It's FossilMe and users responsability to preserve the paleontological heritage and make good use of the app and its contents.

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We will answer you after identifying a fossil!

In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, we inform you that the data obtained from this form will be incorporated into an automated file under the responsibility of FOSSILME in order to attend your queries and send you related information that may be of interest to you.

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